Tuesday, May 1, 2012

study sleep NOT study WEEK
ekekeke.. starting dah ketawe .. muahaha. tidak lupa ASSALAMUALAIKUM and hi to my blogwalking... glad to have blogwalking like you all. btw sorry cause it has been too long im not updated my sweet blog.. too much assigment plus with low line of internet at my university....and thnks cause waiting my updated story. hehe.. are you thinking right no y i took this title? haha. actually i enjoyed staying at home compare at university.. like other people say.. HOME SWEET HOME .. absoulutely correct this statment.. haha.. my paradisee ^.^ Y jyeahh.. my activities during study week are 70% and totally up this percent. at university just 50% slept.. hah.. sleep and sleep and sleep. *nak redeemm tak cukup tidoo dkt U katekan * y Im speaking at this blog ? GOsh .. actually my friends at united kingdom and other state always complain at me that they are not understanding what im saying .. haha .. *pottpetpottpett.* hey guys. sorry yeah..I've a lots of friend reading my blog. commonly im using malaysian language okay. if you all want to know  what im talking about.. just tell me dear..hey  I really miss you all la. swear to god. hehe. *kisskiss*   

peeps, study week ni an nerra just shoopiing sakan jee haha.FREE MONEY okayy. kne la gunaken... hehe. *parents punyaa money ma* sumpah teman suke ... totally most i have got. hehe... skrg kene la blajar betol2 right.. for my own future gak an... tak sabar laa nk dpt kerja besar2 bagus2. hehe impian yg besarr ... first kalao da byk duit rumah besar ma dulu,,.. kerete kancil dulu takpe. Aset rumah bernilai kot. nk renovate mcm rumah mommy jeanne nerra... eheh..  oklay .. sikit2 je melalut ni .. skrg nerra nk studyy la pulak . no more sleep yg berlarutan .. adeii...  APTB laa.. doakan cik nerra dpt jwb final exam nim .. takotttnyeee :3
*gedikjelebih.. hehe. tak suka ? tuu pangkah sila click.*(' ' , )

                                      *bebelan NERRAE KACHAK II 

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