Tuesday, February 4, 2014

new year + practical

Bismillah ....

today on 4-2-2014 I know a bit late to publish or story the new year wishes. but its hard for me to spend time with this blog.As Univrsity student must settled down the final year project or what IPTA called a "thesis". they'd  surprised that UniKL have a "thesis" on Diploma holder. to bad. yes we are. the fifth sem it really make me down. friends behavior. how they treat me like im the "useless person" Ya Allah. one person can influence the other to hate me? its okay. and they point their finger that im wrong? hey hamba Allah, what are the "nice" story that u lelong to my friends? see yourself at the mirror without me, you are nothing! You have the special someone you forgotten me, and then now you want to take the other of my friend. how "busuk Hati" eh are you? to much story that i want to store at this site but dont worry i keep it nice neatly in my small heart.  I was to busy on final exam. My result was really downn, #secret. it just not my luck. alhamdulillah. I ll try next learning. mybe ill the DL on degree. i was really happy when to subject marketing that I really lazy to listen, I got 4 flat. haha. 3 hours credit. omg. alhamdulillah. degree courses i want to take the business management lah. hehe. Insya Allah.

new book --

3-2-2014 ~> 23-5-2014

See the date above.

That is my duration of internship or industrial training. PECM or PARKSON at Ecm. my task for internship 16 weeks. lalaala is it long or "Short" time to me? Err i hope the situation are interesting? fun? boring? oh no. krik krik.  ok for now the story. stay tuned. ;)

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