Thursday, July 12, 2012

my to be super hero

-at the first place AGAMA ISLAM yg kukuh.

 -he must be a ROMANTIC person

 -he must be a COOL person

-95% cares about me.

 -OPENMINDED but not too over..

 -he must be a INDEPENDENT person

 -GOOD LOOKING #compulsory!

 -fierce at certain situation #utk persediaan akan dtg ;P

 -BEKERJAYA ! * utk tampung famiy n his BELOVED WIFE !

 -LAWAK ! itu pasti and I want this guy ..

 -excellent dlm menghormati org tua

 -same perangai dgn saye ~~!

 -ENJOYABLE person -muke tu ada NUR baru tenang je tgk

 -MANJA ! hehe..

 -a guy who can save me and help me in no matter situation !!

 huhu.. to be updated ;)

 p/s : you are my spidermen, batman! and super hero ~ hhihi ;)

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